Working in the warehousing industry is hazardous.

In fact, warehousing has the highest fatal injury rate among all other industries in America. 

Everything from manual lifting to driving a forklift is a potential cause of serious injury or death. 

Learning how to establish proper safety precautions and standards in your warehouse is crucial to avoiding devastating fines from OSHA and keeping your employees happy, healthy and productive. 

Our infographic provides detailed warehouse safety tips to incoporate into your daily routine or safety training to help develop the standards of your warehouse as safe and efficient, all while avoiding $100,000 fines that can sink your business overnight. 

Learn how to avoid a $100,000 warehouse fine with incorporated warehouse safety tips below:

warehouse safety tips

Avoiding warehouse accidents isn't always possible.

Some accidents are inevitable, despite how careful or preparred you are. 

While outlining clear safety precautions and practices with your warehouse employees is highly reccomnded, you must also instill detailed and on-going safety training for  your employees and anyone stepping foot in the warehouse.

Safety training is one of the most valuable investments you can make in nearly any business that requires the use of manual labor and dangerous machines. 

Displaying clear signage indicating hazards like docks, mezzanines, and racks is crucial to maintaining a warehouse that is fast, efficient, and also free of unnesecary accidents. 

Everything from driving forklifts at the reccomended speed, to teaching proper handling practices can save your business from going under as a result of a violation and fine. 

Following these specific guidlines and adhearing to the strict rules set by OSHA can seem taxing and overbearing, but can often save a warehouse from tragic accidents or business ending incidients. 

Find yourself struggling to establish standards and practical safety measures that will keep your warehouse safe and efficient while cutting costs? 

Don't stress about it. We've got you covered. 

Avoid a $100,000 Fine With a Free    Pre-Leasing Analysis

Establishing proper guidelines, training, and keeping codes up to date are all essentiall pieces of keeping your warehouse problem free, and most importantly, safe. 

But, we all know that these guidelines and standards are constantly changing, and keeping up with the standards is near impossible while juggling a full-time warehousing business. 

Have no fear, UMH is here!

UMH offer’s a pre-leasing or buying analysis to prevent these tragic warehouse accidents before they happen.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE?

Yes, we said free. 

During our site visit and free analysis, we conduct 3D modeling of the warehouse to determine the best layout, design and function to promote optimal safety standards and comply with all enforced regulations, all while delivering you a plan of success and action. 

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