From permit issues to space utilization - there are a multitude of things that can derail the leasing of a property.

Common warehousing problems such as space inefficiency and operational delays are often overlooked, yet easily preventable.

Get the full scoop on how to prevent these pesky problems before they happen:


1. Space Inefficiency 

Buying or leasing a warehouse space and then realizing that your space doesn’t fit your desired plans can be devastating.

Reworking your blueprint can be a major setback, often resetting the buyer’s search due to time constraints.

Let’s face it, if you have your plans laid out and the space doesn’t fit, the most time effective path is to continue the search.

But, this shouldn’t be the case, as most spaces can be optimized to fit your desired specifications.

In Modern Materials Handling's 2015 survey study, they found that warehouse owners and company executives stated that space utilization was the most important issue in managing a succesful warehouse. 

Planning before diving in head first is the key to eliminating this potentially catastrophic issue. 

2. Delays in Operation

Your daily operational problems can heavily impact your warehouse plans and overall efficiency if your design and planning is not up to standard.  

Essentially, you can’t just use new layouts and rack options to maximize your storage capabilities without taking into account your efficiency and how your warehouse operates.

Identifying these crucial potential problems at the beginning stages of your planning and design if key to your warehouses success.  

An efficient and effective layout is dependent on utilizing your storage space optimally.

If you maximize your storage to the fullest, but ignore usability of your machinery, your problems will only increase in frequency and magnitude.

Avoiding technological advances due to organizational problems will only hinder you in the long run.

Motorola's top 10 losing warehouse strategies state that simple daily operations can heavily burden your warehouse productivity if not properly optimized for your space, design and functioning. 

For example, limiting your equipment or technological features for space or budget reasons will only impact your budget further down the line when the delays begin to pile up.

3. Permit and Safety Problems

We’ve all had it happen. Just when you think your warehouse is good to go, the city or county makes a quick visit and your plans are tossed in the garbage can.

Whether it’s permit issues or safety regulations, these problems can cause major setbacks to your plans, even causing full overhauls in worst case scenarios.

To combat this issue before it happens, your safest bet is to work closely with your team of designers, planners, architects and contractors to handle all of the specific requirements necessary before signing a lease or buying a property, to insure that you are not losing precious time and money.

Following the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations guidelines will dramatically improve your chances of reducing safety problems and lengthy updates to acquire the nessecary permits to operate your warehouse.

A pre-leasing analysis is crucial for your buyer to make the jump and take the plunge without the worry or risk that these issues pose.

Combat These Issues With a Pre-Leasing Analysis

Stopping these warhousing problems in their tracks is tough...

Which is why United Material Handling offers a free pre-leasing analysis service.

Essentially we conduct a free site visit to help you determine exactly what you'll need depending on what you're storing, or what you're moving.

This means that you will find out if the space is 100% compatible with your desired plans before singing a new lease or expanding your current property.

While conducting the site visit and pre-leasing analysis, we take detailed measurements of the building and can even craft a customized plan to maximize the space. We then use our measurements to develop 3D models and video demonstrations to show your client how well the space will fit their needs, before it's built.

Planning and designing will eliminate any problems that expansion or increased storage would create in the future, and will help to combat the main warehouse problems you face, before they happen.

Ultimately, our service will combat time delays, permit issues, and other deal breakers that are currently hindering  your clients time line.

Contact us today to set-up a site visit and learn more about how our pre-leasing analysis can help.

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