Many contracting companies seem to face the same difficulties when developing and building warehouses.

The whole project may be on time until the fire safety issues throw you completely off schedule, threatening your operations success.

You've made all the necessary arrangements and in-depth planning only to find out you need multiple adjustments in order to fit your project in the city’s permits and limitations. 

Here's how to resolve these warehouse fire safety issues fast.

 warehouse fire safety issues

Common Issues During a Warehouse Project

City officials and code inspectors can be your best friend, or most likely, your worst nightmare. 

Among many difficulties you face in building a new warehouse that meets the standards and limits of your space, here comes the city engineer to diagnose everything as dysfunctional.

The contractor might declare that you have a problem with flu keepers, or that the inventory racks are too close for comfort. 

One of the worst things he can tell you is that you need fire sprinklers, just when you were about to finish the job.

This modification will cost you more than 2 months delay and an additional expense of $200.000....

...That's potentially bottom-line crushing costs. But, there's a way to avoid all of these business sabotaging delays.


Learn How to Avoid All the Above Delays

Though these scenarios may sound extreme, chances are you will end up facing one of these in your upcoming projects.

If you want to play it safe and avoid any unnecessary delay, there are some crucial steps you can follow. 

Call it preventative maintenance


#1 Make All the Necessary Calculations

You may feel like some calculations are really unimportant and that they will end up consuming your valuable time.

Time that you don't have. But, there's a catch: 

Being able to predict every possible turnout and calculate any possible disaster will save you countless hours. 

Make sure your inventory racks are holding the weight they are set to hold. Make sure your racks have viable space in between in case of emergency. 

Run the numbers over and over again in order to avoid such incidents during the finalization of the project, and you'll have saved yourself the hastle of doing it all over again. 


#2 Proper Rack Designing

Racks are an important variable in any warehousing project.

You need to design them properly so that they will allow water to flow. 

Design them the proper way in order for the flu keepers to offer additional space between every product.

Airspace is of utmost importance in your overall design.

Be sure not to ignore these so that you save yourself and the project valuable time.


#3 Make Sure You Have It Right

City engineers may have unrealistic expectations, but their demands will offer you the chance to design a warehouse that constantly performs and holds up to scrutiny. 

Make sure your sprinkler system is working and up to code. This is huge and often one of the most overlooked items of fire safety and  prevention. 

The last thing you want to hear from your inspector is that your sprinklers aren't up to code, or that their location isn't feasible. 

The number one advice is to always have trained,  experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing and can save you from a project disaster. 

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