Ensuring warehouse success and growth with only 5 steps? Impossible…


While there is no surefire way to predict your future success and warehouse growth, these five simple steps will push you towards finish line.


1. Objectives and Goals

What are they? How long will they take to achieve? What needs to happen to ensure you meet these goals?

These are crucial questions in determining the success of your warehouse down the line.

Laying out your 5, 10, even 20 year goals will help avoid major setbacks on your path to success.

For example, if you set5 year goals, but end up blowing past those benchmarks with outstanding growth, your warehouse will become a drain on your efficiency and productivity as you failed to account for further success.

Looking at Modern Material Handlin’s spotlight of Brownells, they saw unpredictable growth and were forced to up the scale of their warehousing, causing them avoidable setbacks.

2. Gather Data

Once your goals are planned and laid out, it is crucial that you plan your warehouse from scratch.

Taking the warehouse that you will buy or have already bought and making it work for your operational needs is much more beneficial down the line.

If there are any pre-existing designs or setups, scrap them.

Create a physical map of your new warehouse space. Include everything in your empty warehouse such as doors, pillars, columns, walls, and other immovable objects to work around.

All of these permanent, external forces can greatly impact your efficiency.

As MMH spotlights in their Brownells article, Brownells when experiencing major growth sought warehouse space that could be maximized and scaled with efficiency.

Doing so is a major competitive advantage as you save time, money and expansion costs.

3. Analyze The Data

After collecting the proper data from your space, you are now ready to conduct critical analysis. 

With this step, you should seek to determine the most efficient path to achieving your goals with your warehouse space.

Analyzing how your operation can maximize the space, whether that be using different racking systems to utilize height of the warehouse, or maximizing spacing for equipment will be extremely important for future growth and success.

Looking at Whirpool Corporation’s utilization of space and analysis of their warehousing, they found that removing the need for forklifts entirely gave them much more space to work with, as well as increased their efficiency dramatically.

Now, you may not be able to remove forklifts in your operation in exchange for technology, but this is a prime example of how critical planning and analysis can benefit your long term goals of growth and success.

4. Develop it.

After conducting analysis and finding that your goals can be met with the plan you have crafted, develop it.

Taking into account your goals and analysis of your data, start organizing your warehouse to meet your goals. Taking each section of your operation and subdividing it into its specific location within your warehouse for optimal use will help maximize your space and efficiency.

Develop your timeline next.

When are your goals scheduled to be complete? How can you organize your layout, implement new designs or racking systems, and utilize the technology that you currently have to reach these goals?

These are key questions in developing your plan and will determine your future success and growth within your warehouse space.

5. Implement it.

Stick. To. The. Plan.

You just spent quality time developing this plan in relation to your goals, operational needs, and equipment.

Now is not the time to deviate.

Adding value to your future operation by planning at the beginning stages will save you everything from time to money - and hopefully, mistakes.

When Whirpool Corporation implemented their technological upgrade plans to their Ohio plant, they found a dramatic reduction in workplace accidents and the timely efficiency of their output.

Implementing a well crafted plan to match operational goals will lead to faster achievement of growth and success.

Pre-Leasing Analysis

We know that the daily toll of warehouse operations and moving to a new space can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

UMH offer’s an analysis service of your warehouse space to help you follow all of the steps outlined above.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE?

You heard correct.

During our site visit and free analysis, we will conduct 3D modeling of the space to determine exactly what will or won’t work in that designated space, maximizing your ability to work effectively in that space.

Contact us today to get a FREE pre-leasing analysis and make sure that your space is the right fit.

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