So, you’re thinking of expanding, buying, leasing, or improving upon your existing warehouse.

You’re worried about a limited budget and countless items on the list that need upgrades.

Should you try and upgrade parts of each item on your list and risk spreading your budget too thin…

Or should you focus on one item on that list that will generate instant, lasting returns?

Instant. Lasting. Returns. But how? Which item?


Start with your most used technology in your warehouse.

Whether it's forklifts, RFID readers, barcode scanners, conveyer belts, or various data systems…

Pick the one that would most benefit from an upgrade in terms of impact on your operations.

Urban Evolutions - Productivity up 75%

Urban Evolutions is a prime example of how upgrades, despite being expensive, can make drastic improvements that will better your bottom line in the future.

Urban Evolutions focuses on supplying reclaimed building materials and furnishings for homes and businesses.

They saw extraordinary growth in their business but quickly saw their productivity and efficiency decline due to the tight customer deadlines.

They sat down, crafted a plan, and realized that loading and transportation of materials was there main priority.

Spending their budget on forklift upgrades drastically impacted their efficiency: reducing the average pallet loading/unloading time from 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes.

Overall, they increased their productivity by 75%.

Thinking about upgrading yet?

Scan A/S - Robot Implementation Sees ROI in 1 Year

Spending unthinkable amounts of your budget on one sector can be daunting.

What if it fails? When will I see improvements? What will the ROI look like?

Danish based fireplace and stove manufacturer Scan A/S works out of a 107,600 square foot warehouse producing nearly 15,000 stoves per year.

Noticing that improvements could be made in the sector of automation, Scan A/S instituted a mobile robot to replace the time-consuming act of pushing a cart all throughout the gigantic warehouse.

The new robot has helped Scan A/S “save about half of a full-time position” in the process, and they expect even more ROI in the coming months and years.

The Takeaway

Spreading out your budget is tough.

Especially when you have so many things that could be improved.

Narrow down your list. Which item is slacking that, if improved, would result in massive success and growth?

Find that item on your list and dedicate your time and resources to improving it.

Still struggling with upgrading and researching new warehouse technology to get going on those improvements? 

Get a free pre-leasing analysis that will provide you with the right data and personalized advice to improve your operation dramatically.   

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