Improving warehouse workforce efficiency  and warehouse efficiency begins with happy employees and a clear cut vision. 

Employees are driven by the success of their actions and the subsequent reinforcement of those successes, as well as having a vision of the companies future and purpose. 

Imagine working for a company with upper managmement that doesn't appreciate you and a company that has no vision for the way they will impact their industry and market to change the future. 

That's a recipe for disaster. 

Learn these three key ways to improve warehouse workforce efficiency and set yourself up for success:

Warehouse Workforce Efficiency

1. Empower Your Workforce

One of the most overlooked steps in creating a happier, more efficinet workforce is the ability to empower, encourage and inspire your workforce. 

Workers without inspiration and motivation will lack efficiency and the drive to excel in all lines of their work. 

The keys to empowering your waqrehouse workforce and developing greater levels of efficiency are:

The Feedback Loop

Crafting a feedback loop that gives every worker a voice is crucial to maintaining a workforce that feels heard and empowered in their work. 

Weekly meetings with your staff where every worker can chime in on everything from workforce processes to equipment and suggestions will give your workers a sense of control and input that is nessecary for efficiency. 

Without input, workers will often feel trapped and isolated, stuck in their daily 9-5. 

Giving employees a voice shows trust and ignites the flames of inspiration.


Warehouse workforce efficiency can quickly be boosted by giving the right employees the right responsibilities. 

Warehouse workers that have proven success in tough times or large projects are craving more responsibilities and opportunities to showcase their skill set. 

Think about it -- if you were the top of your high school class and everything came naturally to you,  but the teachers wouldn't allow you to move up to the next class, you'd constantly be bored, unatentive and checked-out. 

The lesson: give experienced and proven workers more responsibility to quickly improve efficiency and drive. 


Employees crave rewards for quality work. 

Anything from a pay increase to increased responsibilities or verbal reinforcement can inspire a worker to keep pushing. 

Warehouse workers that are inspired are extremely efficient and dedicated to keep that quality high in expectations of further rewards. 


2. Establish Your Vision 

Establishing and creating a vision for your company and employees can greatly boost determination and drive amongst your workforce. 

Crafting a meaningful, truthful vision is a great way to empower employees and drive efficiency and growth. 

Without a vision of the future, employees may feel as if their work is meaningless and monotonous.

As Toister Solutions states, your employees should be able to relate to the vision by being able to answer:

1. What does it mean?

2. How do I contribute? 

A warehouse workforce that resonates with a vision will instantly be more engaged and efficient, working towards the good of the company, the world, and themselves. 

For example, look at Honest Tea's statement: Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all. 

Inspired yet? 


3. Document The Process 

Documenation, documentation, documentation. 

Currently, can you hire someone with the basic requirements of experience in your warehouse, hand them a detailed, outlined process of their daily operations, and then turn them loose without the new worker needing to ask questions? 

If you said no, you're wasting time and money. 

Writing down step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow will eliminate siginificant time in completing these processes in your warehouse, and will drive efficiency through the roof. 

Instead of spending hours, days, or weeks training a new employee, sit down and develop written step-by-step procedures that any new employee can follow and learn fast, without the need to waste upper managment's time. 

Take a page out of Work The System's book: Seize control and stop the chaos. Control the process to reflect the desired outcome without wasting time explaining it. 


Drive Warehouse Workforce Efficiency 

Let's tie this back together. 

Empower your workforce through feedback, responsibility and reward, establish a vision that resonates with employees, and document your processes. 

Following these three steps will dramatically boost efficiency and stimulate your workforce, leaving you with a fastly growing warehouse operation.

And remember, a happy, inspired workforce is an efficient workforce. 



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